Writing for Children


Even though I’ve been performing for children since 1986, my song and fiction writing has mostly been for adults. I’ve written two stories for kids, and here they are:

The Old Elephant’s Christmas

For ages 5 to 10

Available on CD and DVD


Old Elephants Christmas cover Brenda Baker


Tiny Teresa Twiddle, Mr. Witherbee Whopperwill, and the Terrific Toenail Town

For ages 4 to 8

Winner of a 2004 Saskatchewan Writers Guild Literary Award

Lesley Choyce (juror): “A totally outrageous and offbeat story for kids with some very playful and imaginative elements.”

In search of a publisher!

Summary: The tale of a town where all the residents paint their toenails to celebrate the end of winter, a tradition begun because of a little girl who once got a terrible case of the “jibblegerms.”