Effective Readings Workshops


A selection of comments from evaluation forms for several different workshops given from 2003 to the present.

Brenda presented the elements brilliantly, with humour along with her vast knowledge and experience. I was very “pumped” after leaving her class.                                                                          Cathy Brown, Saskatoon

I really enjoyed the workshop, especially the interaction among the participants. The tips on checking out the presentation setting and equipment, the type of audience, the length of reading, opening and closing remarks and delivery were all good.                Nina Morey, Saskatoon

It was excellent. The actual presentations were the best part for me, because of the feedback, but the build-up to them was superb… well-paced and well-prepared.                                            Ruth Millar, Saskatoon

This was very informative and you created a supportive atmosphere– the gentle feedback on the individual readings was wonderful. I learned several important do’s and don’ts.              Amy Nelson-Mile, Regina

My “aha!” moment was that some of the things I do naturally are really okay. Sometimes we give too much credence to the “theys” who believe there are only right and wrong ways of doing things.   Jeanne Antosh, Regina

Your suggestions about reading really worked. The time was well spent. Having the mike there was great — the time you took to show us how to use it paid off.                                               June Mitchell, Regina

Wonderful! I’m looking forward to practising!              Bonnie Flaman, Regina

Innovative, inspiring, diplomatic, professional, well-rehearsed, deliver-ed with flare. A talented, caring instructor.                  Erica Tesar, Saskatoon

Thank you for breaking everything down into such simple, straight-forward pieces. So much of it seems like it should be obvious, but when you actually stand up to read, it isn’t. I liked the idea of “serving the text” — reading your work in such a way that it can speak for itself.                                                                                  Sharon Hamilton, Regina

You dealt with my every concern, from what to read, planning my time, how to keep the audience captivated/interested. Breathing, dealing with nervousness, stage position and more were bonuses.                                                                                                  Myrna Guymer, Denare Beach

You covered a lot of ground… It was useful to see other people reading and then listening to the feedback. The critique of my reading was most informative.                                                Glenda Goertzen, Prince Albert

…a safe environment, always interesting, and definitely useful — thanks Brenda! I’ll be in touch if I need more one-on-one coaching!                                                                                      Jacquie Moore, Saskatoon