Daughter of Double-Dare

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When I had the luxury of endless hours to write and sing and record I took on one of the biggest projects of my life: Daughter of Double-Dare — a conceptual CD consisting of eighteen songs and chat-raps — 73 minutes (!) of music and spoken word vignettes. I included a twenty-page insert that reads like a literary chapbook, a further exploration of how my music and writing were intersecting at that time. At the heart of DDD is a world view informed by various kinds of feminism, while at the heart of some of the songs the ideology itself receives a good poke.

Running time: 73:00


Chapter 1 – Drawing the Line:

  • Daughter of Double-Dare
  • Watcha Call Insane?
  • What We’re Capable Of
  • Letter by Letter

Chapter 2 – Playing With Cupid:

  • This Room
  • Barcelona Bridge
  • Love I Can Live With

Chapter 3 – Nobody’s Little Girl:

  • Bye-Bye Becky
  • The Riot Girls
  • Cindy
  • Call Yourself a Woman

Chapter 4 – A Woman Driven:

  • The F-Word
  • On Tattoos, Poetry, Genius, and the Natural Order of Things
  • Man of My Dreams

Chapter 5 – Dancing in Cages:

  • Songwriters in Love
  • Boyland
  • God Wears Sunglasses
  • If I Was Madonna

Producer and Arranger: Rob Bryanton (with Jim Folk on If I Was Madonna)

Engineer: Warren St. Onge, Inner City Sound Studios

Musicians/singers: Gary Arnusch, Kristopher Craig, Bettina Grassman, Cal Harle, Tim Krieser, Chris Lindgren, Roberta Nichol, Jack Semple, Joan Speirs, Jim Folk, DUCT (which is Gilles Turcotte, Roy Sydiaha, Bettina Grassman, and Steven Ross Smith)

Special note: Barcelona Bridge, Bye-Bye Becky, and The F-Word were recorded at CBC Radio Saskatchewan with engineer John K.L. Mang.


The Record: “…a thoughtful, tasty smorgasbord… wry, witty, intelligent…”

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RPM Magazine: “…cutting and chancy lyrics… a distinct inner vocal warmth that demands attention.”

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Sing Out! Magazine: “Wow! Zap! Pow! …like no other recording you’ll ever own… highly original, extremely intelligent and dramatically performed with strong production.”

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Words & Music: “…a feminist musical odyssey…that’s wacky, gritty and marvelously inventive.”

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Regina LeaderPost: “…Baker didn’t mean for it to be easy; she meant for it to mean something.”

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NeWest Review: “If Joni Mitchell and Connie Kaldor aren’t proof enough that Saskatchewan produces great songwriters, listen to Daughter of Double-Dare.”

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