Concerts for Adults

There was a time (1986 – 95) when I often travelled Canada appearing at music festivals or coffeehouses. At first I warmed up for artists I admired, like the hilarious American Christine Lavin in Edmonton, or the poignant Australian Judy Small in Waterloo. Then I began doing my own shows — 90 minutes of my original writing. I appeared at various music festivals: Winnipeg (x2), Mariposa (Toronto), Hamilton’s Festival of Friends (x2), Folk on the Rocks, Vancouver Winter Roots, Edmonton Folk, PEI Canada Games, Waterloo, Thompson MB, Regina (frequently), and Saskatchewan’s Ness Creek.

It’s a long story, but eventually it made more sense to focus on kids’ music, so I gradually left the adult concert/festival scene behind. But, I really miss singing for grown-ups.

So once and a while I dust off the old songs and appear for a couple of tunes at a fundraiser, or put together a 30 minute show – about seven songs – when someone asks me real nice. It takes some time to remember the guitar chords (there are actually entire songs I can no longer remember!), add my good friend Sheldon Corbett on keys (he can play most of my songs better than I can) et voila! A mini-concert it is.

Please contact me if you’re interested in a booking.