and other singable songs

This is my top-selling CD. (And it still sells! Even without touring nearly as much as I used to.) It’s at the top partly because it’s been around the longest, but also because there’s something about it that just caught on with folks, young and old alike. It was recorded in Regina, Saskatchewan, pretty much “live off the floor” with a fantastic producer, Rob Bryanton, and wonderful musicians. Rob has since gone on to build his own sound company (Talking Dog) and his work is heard internationally now on TV shows like Corner Gas or movies like Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story. Musicians included the likes of Bob Evans (2003 USA National Fingerpicking Champion) and Jack Semple (Guitar Warz Canada winner 1992). The Number One comment I’ve had time and again over many years about Megamunch is, “It’s our favourite, especially on long car trips!” It was released in 1990 on cassette tape, but in 2004 I gave it a new cover and re-released it on CD.

Running time: 35 minutes


  1. Megamunch
  2. Apples and Bananas
  3. The Little Blue Man
  4. A Flea and a Fly
  5. Waltzing With Bears
  6. Angels
  7. The Ballad of Lucy Lum
  8. Peanut Butter
  9. It’s a Miracle
  10. Roly Poly Man in the Moon
  11. Madelina Catelina
  12. Sing When the Spirit Says Sing
  13. Ging Gang Gooly
  • and four a cappella quickies

Producer: Rob Bryanton

Engineer: Warren St. Onge, Inner City

Musicians: Rob Bryanton, Larry McCormick, Dale Crawford, Larry Wahl, Bob Evans, Joan Speirs, Roberta Nichol, Brenda Baker and numerous chorus singers

Saskatoon Sun

December 16, 1990

Cassettes fit perfectly into Christmas stockings and why not start with some good, old-fashioned folk singing by Saskatoon’s own Brenda Baker. Her album, titled Megamunch, reflects a lot of upbeat ditties which should please children and adults alike and contains the participatory involvement which Baker does so well. It’s a Miracle is certainly one of the best cuts and the album is a hoot from beginning to end. It was recorded in Regina, produced by Rob Bryanton and Baker surrounded herself with good musicians, the Regina Conservatory Choir and the Megamunch Kids.