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Are the Arts a Frill?


Speak Out Against CBC Sask Arts Cuts!

June 5, 4 pm, in Saskatoon (Amigos)                    and Regina (The Exchange)


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I think we’re living in what is, for the first time, collectively regarded as an impoverished time for the arts. I think that there has been a staggering collapse in the social value of what we think of as the arts…. What my father represents is a person standing in this one category that is unanimously referred to as the golden era – the people that produced Dylan, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell, Neal Young, my father and several others – and there he is, standing on the heap of his work, in this sort of appocaliptic, cynical time.
Adam Cohen, “Q” – CBC Radio One, May 15, 2012

Here’s an amazingly long list of some of the Saskatchewan performers whose music was recorded and featured on CBC Radio Saskatchewan in JUST the last 2 to 3 years – I wonder how many musicians this would be if you counted ‘em all up, including backup bands?

Jeff Straker
Deep Dark Woods
Little Miss Higgins
Mark DeJong (& Outer Bridge Ensemble)
Andy Shauf
Saskatoon Children’s Choir
Jason Plumb and the Willing
Library Voices
Joel Fafard
Shuyler Jansen
Jordan Cook
Jen Lane
Karrnnel Sawitsky (& Daniel Koulack)
Rah Rah
Belle Plaine
Carrie Catherine
Volcanoless In Canada
Jay Semko
True Jive Pluckers – Ed Minevich, Jack Semple, Stephen McLellan
Slow Down Molasses
Suzie Vinnick
Clinton Pelletier (& Daniel Gervais) – Hot Club of Edmonton
Tim Vaughn
Foam Lake  (brothers Paul, Barrett, Tyler & Kalen Ross)
Ken Hamm
Quarter Tone Flute Ensemble (Tara Semple, Linda Lucyk, David Popoff, Marie-Veronique Bourque)
3 Trumpets (Dean McNeil, Barrie Redford, Dave Anderson)
Michael Hanson  aka These Hands
Alexis Normand
Ray Bell Tahnis Cunningham
Jack Semple (solo guitar)
Beth Curry
Chris Brinklow
John Antoniuk aka smokekiller
Megan Nash
Sarah Farthing
David McIntyre
Carbon Dating Service
Mark Ceasar
Mobadass – Earl Pereira & band
Kim Fontaine
David j Taylor
Violent Kin
Ben Sures
Sheila and Freddie Pelletier
The Rebellion – Josh Palmer & band
Jonathan Dyck (Ted Crwford, Kris Craig, Danny Jones, Kevin Kasha)
Art Pepper + 11 – Big band – leader Dean McNeil
Anique  Granger
Local Onlyz  (Thomas Roussin / Brad Bellegarde)
Riva Farrell Racette
Tess Desnomie, Bill Cook, John Cook
Amy Nelson
Ryan Boldt (solo)
Val Halla
SSO Chamber Players
Ted Warren (Ted’s Warren Commission)
7th Generation
Guy Few (Bellows Brass)
Glen Gillis
Meredith Jordan
Paul Tobin
Shawn Grocott   (Shawn & the Wolf)
Clayton Linthicum
Terry Strongarm
Carl Bray Trio
RSO Chamber Players
RSO – full orchestra + Bermann Duo
RSO – Prairie Sketches
Bev Zizzy
Brittany Kraus
Maybe Smith
Kim deLaforest
Cathy Sproule
Anthony Kelly
Jim McLean
JJ Guy
Trent Bruner
Castle River
Jeans Boots
National and international artists were also recorded in Saskatchewan for broadcast on network shows at major events like the Regina Folk Festival and the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival.

If you would like to send an email to voice your concerns about the cuts, here are the addresses you need:

Ex. Director Radio Music & Audio

Director CBC Music

Managing Director – CBC Sask.