Thanks a Bunch

Saskatchewan Recording Industry Association

Cultural Industries Development Fund

Derek Mah Attoboy Illustration and Design

Black Box Images

Saskatchewan Arts Board

American Federation of Musicians


If it weren’t for the support of several critical organizations, it would have been a lot more difficult to produce my work and promote my services. So, first and foremost, for a portion of the development of this site, I’d like to acknowledge the financial contributions of SaskMusic and the Government of Saskatchewan through the Cultural Industries Development Fund.

I would also like to thank designer Derek Mah (Attoboy) for going well beyond the call of duty in his efforts to create a truly spectacular site.

And speaking of going beyond the call of duty to help with this website and numerous past projects, I’m indebted to Jerry Humeny of Black Box Images in Saskatoon. He’s been my professional photographer forever. Every session I tell him, “Use the lens that doesn’t see the wrinkles!” and he says, “What wrinkles?” which is why I’ve been going back to him for twenty-some years.

While I’m in gratitude mode I want to mention the Saskatchewan Arts Board and the Canada Council for their support over the years. These agencies do so much to strengthen the arts in Canada by allowing creative people more opportunities to produce their work.

And, let’s not forget the excellent unions that continue to fight for artists’ rights. The Saskatoon Musicians’ Association (American Federation of Musicians or AFM) and ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television, and Radio Artists) have been terrific, and I highly recommend all working musicians and performers join!

Thanks to my dear friend Tracy Pytlowany, who was crazy enough to become my agent a way back in ’93. (Where have the years gone?)

Finally, thanks to all those people – family, friends, acquaintances – who have cheered me on over the years. Your encouragement has meant everything to me.

Canada Council for the Arts