The Creative Life

Responding to your inner-frustrated-artist

About the upcoming Intensive Classes:

May 2014 class information can be found here.

About the 4 Hour Workshop:

If you’ve been dipping into this website then you’ll already know I’ve worked in a number of disciplines: visual arts, acting, song writing, fiction, musical performing, recording, coaching and choir directing. For better or worse, I’ve lived the creative life and have learned much about keeping my creative soul alive despite the demands of home, community, and pocketbook.

What we artists do, or what the arts do for people who dabble in the arts, is vitally important to the well-being of humanity. At the core of my being I believe this to be true and it’s therefore essential that those called to artistic enterprise fulfill their various missions.

Okay – I’ll step away from the pulpit!

…a “feel-good” workshop if ever there was one!

But truly, one of the most interesting things I’ve done in recent years is to develop an inspirational workshop aimed at those who are frustrated by their inability to reach their artistic goals or make the changes necessary to feel more creative on a daily basis. Drawing on personal experience I address a variety of issues that frustrate and block the inner-artist, including fear, lack of confidence, lack of time, lack of resources, and the inability to celebrate success. It’s a “feel-good” workshop if ever there was one! And “workshop” isn’t really the right word; it’s more like a conversation between people who understand one another because they’ve all been in that place of frustration.

I’ve had a lot of fun meeting the “conversation” participants and hearing about their passions and creative blocks in life. People leave the session more determined to move ahead with their goals than when they arrived.

As useful as the workshop is (see testimonials) four hours is only enough time to cover some basic ideas and allow ten or twelve people to vent a bit, then propose some possible solutions. What I’d really like to facilitate one of these days is a one or two day retreat in which people have more time to grapple with their artistic blocks and visions, and help one another break through to a more fulfilling and creative life.

If you’d like to organize a Creative Life workshop or retreat, please contact me directly to discuss the possibilities and details.