Leading Sing-Alongs

Secrets of a Successful Sing-Along

A workshop for:

  • elementary and pre-school teachers
  • Sunday school teachers
  • recreation leaders
  • day care staff
  • Girl Guide & Boy Scout leaders
  • campfire song leaders
  • anyone else who wants to lead a sing-along.


Please contact me directly about workshops.

I began leading sing-along songs for children professionally in 1986. Since then I’ve probably led 25,000 such songs so, if you want help improving your own abilities as a sing-along leader, I’m yer gal!

The focus of this workshop isn’t to teach you new songs, although that may happen during our time together. What I strive to do is to define all the elements of being a good sing-along leader and then teach those elements to you. If you understand better what you’re aiming for, and then are given tools to help you reach those goals, with practise and time you’ll become a stronger, more confident leader.

I’ve presented this workshop (two and three-hour versions) at numerous teachers’ conferences in Saskatchewan and Alberta, as well as for other child-centred organizations.

Please contact me directly about the fee: I will prepare a quote based on the nature of the event, number of registrants and travel requirements.