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Thanks for checking out my CDs. The two for adults are available on iTunes by clicking on the covers:

Daughter of Double-Dare CD Brenda BakerBrenda Baker debut eponymous self-titled CD

If you live in Saskatoon or Regina, I highly recommend purchasing my children’s CDs and DVD at the following stores. They have supported my music career FOREVER and I’m ever so grateful for all the sales they have given me over the years.

McNally Robinson Book Sellers, Saskatoon

Bach and Beyond, Regina

Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Regina (just carries Megamunch)

Outside of Saskatoon, or for adult CDs, please use this order form:

Music for Children

Old Elephant's Christmas DVD - $20
Old Elephant's Christmas CD - $15
Looking for Grandma's Teeth CD - $15
Megamunch and other singable songs CD - $15

$15 each or all three kids' CDs for $40

Music for Adults

Daughter of Double-Dare CD - $15
Brenda Baker CD - $15

$15 each or both adult CDs for $25

Shipping in Canada:
1 item for $2
2 items for $4
3 items for $6
4+ items for $8

Shipping Internationally:
1 item for $5
2 items for $8
3 items for $10
4+ items for $15


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