Song Writing Workshops

All of the songs on my two CDs for adults are original, as are the songs on The Old Elephant’s Christmas. A few of the songs on my other two children’s CDs are original. I have also been commissioned to write songs.

I’ve given many, many, many one or two-hour song writing workshops, mostly to elementary students. Having done it so often, I rarely do them in schools anymore.

That said, I’m still interested in giving workshops for adults who are working at an emerging level, my strength being the lyric side of song writing. (See description below.) I play and write melodies by ear, and am happy to talk about that process, but obviously, because I write by ear I don’t teach melody writing using sheet music and charts!

Please contact me directly about song writing workshops.

The Basics of Lyric Writing
Brenda Baker has taught many workshops in lyric writing to all ages. Using a variety of exercises, participants will come to a better understanding of the natural rhythm of the English language and how critical that understanding is when composing, analyzing and revising lyrics. Participants will look at storytelling through song, the importance of structure, rhythm and rhyme, finding an effective “hook,” appropriate use of metaphor, humour and creating emotional punch. The session won’t include writing melodies, and all lyrics will be written to familiar tunes. Those who have already composed lyrics or original songs are welcome to submit them in advance on tape and/or paper for feedback.