Song Writing

I’ve written a few hundred songs over the years, most of them in the 80′s and 90′s. At the moment my writing focus is fiction, but I try to exercise the old song writing chops from time to time. And I’m always interested in commissioned work.

The most recent commissioned piece was Eye of the Sun, which was written with Sheldon Corbett for the Centennial celebrations of our fair city of Saskatoon. (Hope to have it up for you to hear soon.)

Past commissions included a theme song for a documentary about single mothers, a jingle for the Regina Children’s Festival, and an anniversary song for Grain, a literary journal. Occasionally I’ll write something for an event just for the fun of it. A while back I did just that for the Saskatchewan Book Awards, and presented it at the feature events in Saskatoon and Regina.

To enquire about commissioning a song, please CONTACT ME directly.