Marr Residence

I was fortunate to be the Artist-in-Residence from 2000-07 for a heritage property in Saskatoon known as the Marr Residence. Built in 1884, this modest house is the oldest building in Saskatoon still on its original property. During the Riel Rebellion it served as a Field Hospital. The Marr was half a block from my former home in the historic neighbourhood of Nutana.

As Artist-in-Residence the Marr Board of Directors provided me with a lovely office space where I did most of my creative work. It was a place I could go to get away from my home “business” office, the phone/internet, and domestic chores, to actually do some thinking and reading. What a privilege it was to have “a room of one’s own.”

I, in turn, paid a nominal rent and organized a few workshops each year as part of the Marr’s service to the community. It was a great opportunity to test out some ideas. For example, The Creative Life, Effective Readings, and Paul Anka Workshops were all developed through my association with the Marr.