Camp Outlook was awarded a John V. Hicks Manuscript Award in 2005, sponsored by the Saskatchewan Writers Guild.

Jurors’ Comments

Saskatchewan Writers Guild

Audrey Thomas: “What decided me for this novel was the absolute ‘rightness’ of the voice of the young narrator, as well as the credibility of her actions and reactions. Shannon, who has been delighted with the idea that her parents are finally going to have a longed-for second child, is horrified when her new brother turns out to have Down syndrome. All children want to blend in, to be considered normal by their peers, and Shannon is torn between delight and fury at how the family’s prayers have been answered. After some erratic (but absolutely believable) behaviour, she is sent away to camp with her best friend and there she learns a necessary lesson about acceptance of those who are ‘different.’ Although this novel seems aimed at a Young Adult audience, I think it would be equally enjoyed by ‘adult adults,’ by anyone, in fact, who has ever been balanced on the brink of the grown-up world.”

Greg Hollingshead: “Camp Outlook is narrated by a teenage girl at a Christian camp, where a series of mysterious experiences helps her to understand the spiritual value of the specialness of her handicapped younger brother. The voice is clear, bright, and comic, and the story moves forward with energy and efficiency. This is a Young Adult novel by an accomplished writer.”